Monday, December 17, 2018

The Great Promise

(Painting by Jean David)

Kokhvey Ohr (“Emes v’Emunah”)
Sec. 17
By Rabbi Avraham b’Reb Nachman (Chazan)
Translation by Dovid Sears
L’ilui nishmas Cheena Rochel bas Chaim Menachem (Grunwald), a”h
Niftara: 13 Kislev (5579 / 2018)

Ultimately, Hashem will finish what He has begun: every Jew will receive an “awakening from above,” to long and yearn earnestly for the truth, with all of their heart and soul—an awakening the like of which never before existed in the world. Despite the widespread disbelief and spiritual darkness—and even in those days [prior to the Final Redemption] when almost no one will know the truth anymore—nevertheless, “the Merciful One desires the heart” (Sanhedrin 106b).
Suddenly, when the time and the hour arrive, Hashem will mercifully draw forth the most wondrous and awesome help and assistance, the like of which never before existed in the world. Then the verse will be fulfilled, “And his [i.e., Yaakov’s] hand was grasping the heel of Esav…” (Genesis 25:26); the latter will not have the chance to achieve his sovereignty, until the former arises and takes it from him.

Suddenly, the ruler for whom you have supplicated [i.e., Mashiach] will come to his palace, the man who with his profound and lofty wisdom will instill in the heart of every Jew [the wisdom] to remain unaffected by all of the confusions and questions and scorn that have prevailed in the world, seemingly without end. Rather, each person will strengthen and fortify himself with prayer, and crying out to Hashem, and the other holy advice [of the Torah and the tzaddikim], until the promise of the prophet will be fulfilled: “They shall walk in My statutes and keep My laws and perform them, [and they shall be My people, and I shall be their G-d]” (Ezekiel 11:20) – until at last the Divine will and desire and the underlying intention in creating the universe will be fulfilled to the ultimate degree of perfection!

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