Thursday, May 27, 2010

NATURALLY BRESLOV: The Fine Art of Cooking With Simplicity and Joy

Healthy Recipes and Torah Insights

$22.00 available here

Oklahoma-born Atara Grenadir is a fine artist and painter, using oils and acrylics, who has exhibited her works throughout the U.S. She learned valuable cooking techniques at the New York Macrobiotic Center and the Gourmet Cooking School. Her search for new art forms and personal expression led her to explore the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. The belief that “less is more” that had permeated her paintings and her diet now found its counterpart in the spiritual realm – living with simplicity and joy.

Description: A cookbook of easy-to-follow recipes, low-fat and sugar-free, using natural ingredients. Traditional Jewish dishes are also included. The recipes are accompanied by dazzlingly beautiful graphics of original artworks by the author, interspersed with short sayings from Rebbe Nachman. Cover art is from a series of acrylic paintings based upon the Third Temple. The recipes are from the author and other contributors.

Approach: A cookbook of healthy recipes that promotes the idea that eating consciously leads to deeper awareness of one’s higher self. Creative cooking is a spiritual experience.

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