Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute to Get Your Uman Tickets!

Mrs. Miriam Fried of Nesia Travel has been making full travel arrangements to Rebbe Nachman's kever in Uman, as well as kivrei tzaddikim in Europe and Eretz Yisrael, for decades. Her husband, Reb Shlomo Fried, a"h, a prominent Breslover Chassid and founder of Nesia, was one of the first travel agents to specialize in this field. Therefore, we encourage anyone interested in joining Rebbe Nachman's Chassidim for the annual Rosh Hashanah gathering in Uman to contact Nesia Travel as soon as possible.

"Anybody who comes to me for Rosh Hashanah should be happy all year long!"
-- Rebbe Nachman

Please note that the Nesia office is no longer at 1404 40th St., but at the Fried home:

Mrs. Miriam Fried / Nesia Travel
1661 43rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Tele. 718-633-3800

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