Thursday, October 21, 2010

Engage Your Shul - Canfei Nesharim

From Canfei Nesharim: Deadline, November 8th

For Your Community / Engage Your Shul

You can make a difference!

Applications now open to join our 2010-11 Communities Program! More information

Canfei Nesharim is dedicated to empowering leaders to educate their own communities about the importance of protecting the environment from the perspective of Torah and halacha. We provide resources for rabbis and lay leaders to explain the connections between Torah and the environment and encourage their communities to make a difference. We offer holiday programs, parsha materials, and other materials to help you engage your community in our work, to sustain Hashem's resources for the benefit of our children.

Explore our resources for your shul!

Holidays: Resources for your community by the times of the Jewish Year
Weekly Torah Teachings: A dvar Torah on the environment, for each parsha of the year
Program Ideas: Activity ideas for children and adults, and free stickers, magnets and keychains to order for your community events

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