Sunday, September 18, 2011

"My House is a House of Prayer"

Received from Rabbi Shraga Fisher of Yerushalayim

Keren Beniyat HaKloyz

In 1831 Reb Noson started to build the Kloyz in Uman. Due to the constantly growing influx of people attending the annual Kibbutz for Rosh Hashanah in Uman, one of Reb Noson's students, Reb Mendel of Ladizin, told Reb Noson: "If we don't build our own Kloyz (synagogue), there will be no future for the Rebbe's Rosh Hashanah.” So Reb Noson initiated this great undertaking.

Reb Mendel's words entered Reb Nosson’s heart, and he immediately understood that they were true -- because the focal point of the "Rebbe’s Rosh Hashanah" is the Rosh Hashanah prayers, meaning when the Breslover Chasidim are praying together.

So Reb Noson used all of his strength to make the construction of the Kloyz in Uman a reality. With the support of his followers and other good-hearted Jews, he built the first Kloyz in Uman (still visible on a nearby hill today). And the Rosh Hashanah gathering in Uman has continued until today.

* * *

Based on this, undoubtedly one of the main and most important ingredients during Rebbe Nachman's Rosh Hashanah in Uman is the Kloyz.

Reb Avraham Sternhartz zatzal, one of Reb Nosson's grandchildren, and a leader of the Breslover Chasidim both in Uman and in Jerusalem, wrote regarding the Kloyz: "The posuk says 'My house is a house of prayer …' We believe that this alludes to our Kloyz. "And this is the Shaar HaShomayim, the Gate of Heaven," from which all the prayers of the whole year ascend to Heaven, through the holy gathering on Rosh Hashanah of those who both pray according to the da'as of the "Nachal Novea Mekor Chochmah" (i.e., Rebbe Nachman) and those who are attached to him" (Shearis Yisroel, beginning of Letter 36).

It is thus only fitting that such a holy and necessary edifice as the Kloyz be appropriate to its unbelievable and incredible purpose in the tikkun (world-rectification) that this holy gathering accomplishes. It should have a respectable and proper shape and design, as is due to the Kloyz.

The Keren HaBinyan of the Kloyz is thus honoring you with the very great zekhus (source of merit) and mitzvah in participating in this holy cause of supporting "the Rebbe's Kloyz."

Doors and Windows and are available for dedications.

We just spoke about how Reb Avraham Sternhartz understood that the Kloyz is the "Shaar HaShomayim" from which all of the prayers from the whole year go up to Heaven.

We are offering the opportunity to dedicate Shaarim (doors) of the Kloyz. Two are already being dedicated. Such a dedication is $18,000. The dedication can be in honor or in memory of parents, teachers, loved ones. etc.

Each window can be dedicated for a donation of $2,600. Perhaps in a future note we can speak about the spiritual significance of Windows in the Kloyz.

For more information please contact:

1. Shraga Fisher at: or 972-2-532-2735

2. Meir Elkabas at: 972-57-317-2332

3. Pinchus Zilberman: 972-50-412-2840

P.S. At this moment, seats in the new gallery are for sale. First 2 rows: $3,000 per seat. From the third row and back: $2,000 each. Contact us for more details.

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