Monday, August 20, 2012

Tuesday: August 21 - What does the Kabbalah say about Tatoos

Exciting Judaism Summer Series presents 2 Lectures @
The Carlebach Shul, on our LIVE VIDEO FEED.

Tatoo’s & Kabbalah.

What does the Kabbalah say about tatooing ?


August 21, Tuesday

7:45 pm – 8:55 pm

Why are tatoo’s appearing on every body we look at,
& why can’t Jew’s do it too ???

We will also present the Chumash,Talmud,& Modern Codifiers.

Where did tatoo’s originate ?

What were their original purpose ?

What energy do tatoo’s channel down ?

What is the Kosher Jewish version of making tatoo’s ?

What do animals have to do with tatooing ?

We are supposed to write what we believe in on our heart, not our bodies.

The body is already made up of letters of light,
which reflect its higher source &purposeful journey.


This source material is the Kabbalistic work,

” The Mystical Shulchan Aruch,” of

Rabbi Natan of Nemirov.


Lecture 2


The Secrets of the Zohar,the Book of Illumination.
Selected teachings of Rabbi Shimeon Bar Yochai.

9 pm – 10 pm.


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Carlebach Shul

305 west 79 st

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