Thursday, November 1, 2012

Commentaries on Sippurei Ma'asiyos - Recommendations from Rabbi Moshe Rosen:

Niflo'im Ma'asecho
Available via Everything Breslov:

Description: A masterful commentary on the first tale of "Sippurei Ma'asiyos", (The Lost Princess).The author delves into the story and focuses on each and every word, revealing their deeper meaning. Drawn from Kabalistic and Chassidic sources, it grants the reader an authentic interpretation of the story. Crowned with haskomos from Gedolei A'nash. Publishing data: Jerusalem 2007 305pp. 7"x9" HB without nekudos.

Livyas Chein
Available via Everything Breslov

Description: Although this edition does not contain the Yiddish translation of Sippurei Ma'asiyos ,it surely surpasses all other editions of this sefer .It includes all of commentaries that have ever been published, and many which are presently out of print. The sefer is crowned with "Sichos" and lessons given by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Bender on each of the thirteen stories. A must for every Breslover Chassid! Publishing data: Eretz Yisrael 2009 pp751 HB 6"x9" partly with nekudos.

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