Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project YES: Let's Stay Safe!

Received via e-mail:

The Karasick Safety Initiative of Project YES is thrilled to launch a downloadable, read-aloud video version of our best-selling safety book, Let's Stay Safe! which can be accessed here http://bit.ly/XIwDxX directly or by visiting our websitewww.kosherjewishparenting.com and  clicking on the green icon on the right side of the homepage that contains an image of the DVD. The text in that icon reads "Let's Stay Safe! Read Aloud Video NOW AVAILABLE."   
On the same web page, you will find a 30-second demo sample of the read-aloud safety video and our 34-minute safety video workshop to help parents understand and teach the 4 major components of an effective safety program to your kids. 
On the webpage or on our safety homepage  there are also links to free printed and video resources to help you keep your kids safe. Please avail yourselves of them.
To download the read-aloud video of the book, you will need to go through a PayPal page and make a donation to Project YES. We've suggested a $5.00 donation, but if money is tight, please feel free to give whatever works for you as any amount will get you to the download page. We've set things up so that finances would not be a barrier for anyone.      

If you are in a position to contribute a larger amount, kindly consider doing so as all proceeds will help support our efforts to keep kids safe.      

We are deeply grateful to Linda and Mark Karasick for their continued support of our Project YES Safety Initiative and we hope you find this read-aloud video version of the book helpful.  

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Rachel and Harry Skydell for their extraordinary encouragement and support of our life-saving work.    

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank David Lenik and his crew of Better World Productions, and Duvy Perkowski and his staff at Duvys Media for helping us turn our dream of making this video available for you, into reality. 
Here  is a link to listen to or download an MP3 recording of an extensive (nearly 2 hours including commercials) radio interview on the Zev Brenner Show this past Motzoei Shabbos on the Weberman Trial and Sentencing. 
There were several spirited exchanges with supporters of Mr. Weberman during the call-in segment of the interview that are quite interesting and informative. 
All the best,
Yakov Horowitz 

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