Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jewcology: Turn off the TV

Action: Replace 2 hours of watching TV per week with an energy-free activity.
By replacing 2 hours of watching TV per week with an electricity-free activity (like going for a walk or reading a book outside), you can reduce your energy consumption. You’ll also get an extra two hours in your week! Try a hike—through the woods or around your neighborhood, playing tennis or basketball at a nearby court, a trip to the library, or other items on your to-do list. You are saving energy and improving your quality of life—enjoy! 
Online Tool:
Writer and activist Michael Bluejay’s online electricity saving guide provides a TV energy use calculator, as well as a guide to TV energy use: 
By taking this action you can save approximately 15 kWh in a year.  Learn more about our assumptions in the Year of Action.
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