Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jewcology: Cold Water Wash

Received via Jewcology:

Cold Water Wash

Action: Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot. 
Washing machines typically have several water temperature settings for the wash/rinse cycles. Many people have different opinions about which clothes to wash on which settings, however, all but the dirtiest clothing can be effectively washed on cold.  Switching to cold water can save the average household $30-$40 annually, depending on whether the home’s water heat is electric- or gas-powered. 
Skeptical about whether cold water will get clothes clean? Try doing all laundry on cold for a week, and see if clothes are washed to satisfaction. Since cold water is gentler than warm or hot water, there’s nothing to lose. Give it a try! 
Online Tool:
Looking for more tips for how to save energy while doing your laundry?  Check out this handy resource from Earth911. 
By taking this action you can save approximately 355 kWh in a year.  Learn more about our assumptions in the Year of Action.
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