Monday, February 10, 2014

This Wednesday Night: Another Chance! The Other Side of the Talmud, Class #2

An Aggadata Chaburah:
Exploring “Layers of Meaning" with Rabbi Nachman Levine

Second class: Wednesday night, Feb. 12 (Adar 13), 8:00-9:00

Rabbi Nachman Levine’s Aggadata study group got together for the first time last week – but for those who couldn’t come, this week’s shiur will begin with a review of the material presented so far. This promises one of the most stimulating and illuminating series of shiurim most of us have ever attended,

Rabbi Levine is uniquely able to open the doors to this dimension of the Torah. A renaissance man –accomplished scholar, artist and musician – with decades of experience in teaching Torah, he will explore the Aggadata from the standpoint of the classic meforshim, Chassidus and Kabbalah, modern literary theory and archeology. These various disciplines will enable the chaburah to explore the many layers of meaning in this respository of the deep wisdom of Chazal.

Time: Every Wednesday night, 8:00-9:00 PM (followed by Maariv)

Location: Congregation Sheves Achim (Rabbi Fund's Shul)  

1517 Ave. H, off East 16th (across from Q Train)

Men and women are invited.

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