Thursday, February 20, 2014

Travel in Ukraine Too Dangerous

Received by e-mail

We have been told that the Rosh Hakahal of Rav Yaakov Bleich's Shul in Kiev has sent his wife and children to Moscow, due to violent uprisings throughout the Ukraine. 

Rabbi Moshe Asman, Rav of Chabad in Kiev, told the members of his kehillah to send away their wives and children. The shul has almost closed. Yeshiva classes continue in private home. The streets are dangerous. 

Rav Bleich confirmed over 100 people killed this morning and over 400 wounded. The trains too are dangerous. He reports serious fighting today near Uman, and strongly advises that no one visit at this time. Likewise, tourists going to Lizhensk for the Rebbe Reb Elimelekh's yahrtzeit should not travel to Kivrei Tzaddikim in Ukraine.

May we hear only good news, and may there be a peaceful resolution of this conflict in the near future.

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