Friday, April 25, 2014

This Sunday: Memorial for Asher Lazar

Friends of the late Asher Lazar, zikhrono livracha, will be gathering together this Sunday afternoon at Rabbi Meyer Fund's shul to share their memories and condolences. The gathering is scheduled for 1:00 PM and probably will continue for around two hours. Rabbi Fund will preside. The public is invited.

Asher passed away in Nachlaot, Israel, last March after a long illness. A soft-spoken, thoughtful man, he was an American baal teshuvah of high ideals and a lifelong spiritual seeker. For a number of years he attended a Breslov shiur in Borough Park given by Rabbi Shlomo Aharon Gottleib, shlit"a, until he and his wife Raizelle made aliyah. He was also a dedicated Macrobiotic cook who, in his characteristic spirit of chesed, would prepare food for others struggling with health issues and actually deliver it to them in many cases. He also wrote a kosher macrobiotic cookbook, which still has not been published. 

The Rice House posted the following about Asher on their website regarding the macrobiotic diet in Israel:

"Asher Lazar, a 1978 Kushi Institute graduate and former chef at the Open Sesame restaurant in Boston, recently immigrated to Jerusalem from New York with his wife Raezelle, a compassionate yoga teacher. They are part of the Jerusalem ultra-orthodox community. Asher provides health consultations, takeout food and weekly macrobiotic dinners at his home-based Traditional Jewish Health House. He recently began a macrobiotic soup kitchen for Jerusalem's poor. Asher combines macrobiotic health practice with Torah insights such as suggestions to his clientele that they silently recite Psalms while chewing their food."

When Asher's father became ill, he moved in with Asher and Raezelle until his death in 2010. Asher cared for him until the end. 

May Asher's neshamah have an aliyah, and may his legacy of kindness to other live on through all who knew him.

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