Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pesach Sheini: There’s Always Hope!

Likutey Halakhos Giviyas Chov me-ha-Yesomim 3:18, as abridged by the Tcheriner Rov in Otzar HaYirah, Vol. IV, Pesach-Sefirah-Shavuos #147. Translated by Dovid Sears

Pesach Sheini teaches us that nothing is hopeless –ein shum ye’ush ba-olam (as the Rebbe states in Likutey Moharan II, 48) For even if a person was tamei (ritually impure by reason of contact with the dead) or on a distant journey and thus unable to offer the Korban Pesach at its proper time, the situation was not hopeless.  That is, one who does not merit to perform his divine service constantly, in its proper season and time, as every Jew should—despite this, he should not give up. Rather, [like those who the Torah describes who were prevented from bringing the Korban Pesach,] he should go to the true tzaddik, who is an aspect of Moshe, to inquire of G-d. [Like those men the Torah describes,] he should ask and implore, “Why must I be deemed so unworthy that I may not offer G-d’s sacrifice?” [That is,] “Even though I have befouled my soul, and thus estranged myself from G-d, despite all this, I beg for your advice and for a means to come closer to G-d, at least from now on. Without a doubt, their must be a way, even for someone like me, to come closer to G-d!” Then surely G-d will take pity on him, and he will merit to achieve the greatest spiritual ascent [as was the case in the generation of Moshe Rabbeinu], thus adding a new “parshah,” or teaching to the Torah.

[Rebbe Nachman teaches states that when one who feels far from G-d calls out, “Ayeh? Where is the place of Your glory?” this hearfelt cry reaches all the way to the very beginning point of creation, which is called the “hidden utterance” (ma’amar sasum); see Likutey Moharan II, 12.] For by crying out “Ayeh?” we will merit a further revelation of the Torah [as was the case with the law of Pesach Sheini. This alludes to the concept that even greater insights into G-d’s truth and His mercy may be attained by every person, even today, as long as one does not despair].

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