Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Received by email from the "Sofer of Tzefat," on behalf of his father, director of Eizer L'Shabbos, which supplies food to needy families in Tzefat. The Breslov Center strongly endorses this worthy cause.

Dear friend

I am Shmuel Rosenberg, the son of Rabbi Rosenberg.

My father Rabbi Binyomin Rosenberg is about to make his eighth child's wedding Be"h on Lag B'omer in Tzefat.

My father always helps everyone in need, travels to the states to raise money to help the poor broken hearts, and leaves his family for long periods of time, just to help those in need.
Rabbi Rosenberg is very short on money for the wedding that will be in less than two weeks. He never asks for himself, all he thinks of is everyone around him.
I am pleading and begging, please donate to help my father for 
the wedding.
Please send your checks to Eizer L'Shabbos 5014 Sixteenth Ave. Suite 319, Brooklyn , NY 11204 and write on the envelope "wedding"
Or online www.eizerlshabbos.com  and state on an email "wedding"
For any question or how to help you could email me at shmuelsofer@gmail.com
Thanks a lot and Tizku Lmitzvos
Hashem should bless you with all you need.
Shmuel Rosenberg

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