Monday, May 12, 2014

Request from a friend

Received via e-mail:


Dearest friends and acquaintances.

Shalom from Jerusalem. This is Meir Elkabas. Hoping everyone is having a health and happy summer experience.

This message is divided into 2 parts:


For those interested in the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov - some good and useful news:

Because of more demand, more and more classes on Rebbe Nachman's teachings are available to the public. Every week here in Jerusalem I give approximately 2 classes on the rebbe's teachings. These classes are being recorded and are also downloadable. Here is the link to hear the classes:

There are 2 categories of classes:

  1. Those which are an in-depth study of the Rebbe's teachings using the actual text of his teachings. These classes require some basic and general knowledge of Rebbe Nachman's teachings, and access to the actual text of his teachings found in his book entitled Likutey Moharan (see: These classes are those labeled in a continuous numbering system (e.g. Likutey Moharan - Ayeh - 003.MP3).
  2. The other classes require no background at all. They are a clear presentation of the concepts of Rebbe Nachman's teachings on a general level.



We are a family of 10, residing here in the religious Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem. As I am very limited to even basic resources, I went above my means to give my kids a normal and decent Pesach experience. I did this since I felt that it is a big mitzvah that they should feel "free" and comfortable on Pesach. I still have not finished paying off the heavy Pesach expenses. This coupled with my monthly expenses...

Any immediate help towards covering these expenses would be of great help and ease the burden very much.

As a token of sincere and thankful appreciation I will (bli neder) add those who can help to my 40 consecutive-day prayer list. This will include sporadic prayers at the Holy Sites of our Holy Land (e.g. the Western Wall, King David's grave, Shimon HaTzaddik, etc.).

For more details about my situation, you can contact me directly by email or by phone at (in Israel): 972-57-317-2332.

Immediate support can be sent through a bank money transfer. My IBAN number is: IL400521840000000655848.

Sincere thanks for your help and consideration.

Meir Elkabas

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