Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Night Breslov Class for Women

(Painting by Bart Van Oijen)

Received via e-mail:


Dear Friends,

 night, Tuesday, June 24, we’ll continue discussing life by the light of the wisdom of Breslov Chassidus. We’ll wrap up our talk about relationships (Azamra as Process and Practice)  by briefly recapping The Role of the Tzaddik and Emulating the Tzaddik. (If you’d like a detailed look 
at some Azamra-related questions from this and past classes please see a new series at Breslov.org.)

Then, we’ll begin a discussion inspired by another rich, foundational lesson of Rabbeinu’s, one that offers multi-faceted yet central life-changing insights.

Ayeh? Finding My Place By Searching For Hashem

Some of the topics we’ll cover may include

Mission Possible: How To Find God’s Glory (and Our Authentic Spiritual Self) In the Deepest

Darkest Times and Places

Dealing with Doubts and Pain By Going On A Treasure Hunt

Two Ways to Approach Past Mistakes

The Idol Worshipper...In Your Living Room?!?

Another Look At Simplicity

Achieving Healthy Thought Processes and Mental Clarity

and More

We’ll also continue with the wonderful story, The Sophisticate and The Simple Person from Sippurey Maasios, Rabbeinu’s hard-hitting yet humorous tale of authenticity, personal growth, and self-acceptance.

Time: 8:30 pm
At the Home of Mrs. Yehudit Meira Chervony, 4220 15th Avenue, Apt. 1A
Please feel free to email or call me at 347-686-4843 if you have questions, and Invite a Friend!

Yehudit Meira and I are looking forward to seeing you there,
Chaya Rivka

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