Monday, December 8, 2014

Rabbi Ozer Bergman in Cedarhurst

Received by e-mail:

With gratitude to Hashem, Breslov of Far Rockaway and the Five Towns is pleased to announce a shiur on Inyanei Chanukah this Monday evening (December 8/ Kislev 17) at 8:15 pm with Rabbi Ozer Bergman of Yerushalayim. Rabbi Bergman is the author of "Where Earth and Heaven Kiss, a guide to Rebbe Nachman's path of meditation."

Location: Beis HaMedrash Chaim vi-Shalom

530 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst (next door to Citibank)

Refreshments will be served.

All are welcome. Please notify anyone you think may be interested. 

Looking forward to seeing you!

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