Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Unity of All Creatures

(Painting by Lana)

Chayei Moharan 75 and 76
Translated by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, “Tzaddik” (Breslov Research Institute), sec. 201 and 202 (excerpt)
Sefer HaMiddot (Daat B1) states: “Know that all the worlds and every creature have their own unique form. Thus the form of the lion differs from that of the sheep, etc. All the differences are alluded to in the forms of the Hebrew letters and their combinations. One who succeeds in understanding the Torah can understand the significance of all the differences between the various creatures.”

[Reb Noson comments:]

I feel this teaching relates to a conversation I heard from the Rebbe before Shabbat Chanukah 5565 (1804) about the different creatures in the world.[i] He said then that the forms and shapes of every human being are all included in the word Adam, man, where it appears in the Torah (Genesis 1:26). As soon as God said the word Adam, he included every human likeness in it. The same applies to the words behemah, animal, and chayah, beast, in the account of the Creation. Those words contain the forms of all animals and beasts. The same applies to other creatures. The Rebbe spoke about this at length and said that there are categories of wisdom even in this world on which one can subsist without any other food or drink.[ii] The Rebbe spoke at length, but it was not written down.

The same passage in the Sefer HaMiddot (loc. cit.) ends by saying that one who succeeds in understanding the Torah “will also know the unity [of all the creatures]—their beginning and end, for in their beginning and ultimate end they are a unity with no distinctions.”

[i] Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom (Sichos HaRan), #306.
[ii] Cf. Likutey Moharan I, 19:8.

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