Sunday, January 25, 2015

Appeal for Breslov Minyan of Flatbush

Received by e-mail from the Gabbai

The Breslov Shul in Flatbush, located at 1909 New York Avenue, was established nearly seven years ago.  I have been involved in the Shul for most of the duration since its onset. Thankfully, I never had to write a letter like this, and hope I do not have to in the future. The Shul is under the leadership of Rabbi Ahron Berlin. It is an " open house" for all Jews who need and desire a place to daven. No individual is ever refused the opportunity to daven, receive an Aliyah, or have a seat. The Shul welcomes all people. It is a friendly Shul whose doors are always open to the public.  
The only income the Shul generates is from the sale of seats for Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, as well as selling Aliyot throughout Succot. But even people who do not buy seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are never refused a seat during these Yomim Tovim, and throughout the entire year. 
The Rabbi has informed me that the bills in the Shul are exorbitant now, due to the rent, electricity, heat (especially during these cold months), food, paper goods some other staples, as well as general upkeep.  Currently, the Shul is in the red by about  $8,000. (And the Rav does not take a  salary). 

The Shul cannot function or continue in its current state. 
I am aware that some of our friends and mispallelim contribute a check once in a while. However, unfortunately this will does not suffice. If we as a  family want this Shul to stay open, we need EVERYONE to reach into their pockets and write a check, or go on the Shul website to donate via credit card. Every dollar counts, but the more that you can give, the more this will relieve the dire situation we are in.
Rabbi Lazer Brody asks why should someone who is not doing well in Parnasah should give charity: It does not appear to make sense, as the individual will have less money.
He answers that giving Tzedaka is above nature -- and when one does that, Hashem sends down a special “SHEFA" that the donor will get it back ten-fold.  Please help us now before it’s too late! 
Visit our website and donate:
If anyone has noticed, the Shul is named after Rav Nachman of Breslov.  Rav Nachman said many times "Whoever invests in me has never lost!" 
This is investing in your local Shul where we all come, are greeted with a warm smile, receive a hot drink, and a beautiful D'var Torah from our wonderful Rav.
You will be investing in Rav Nachman of Breslov, Z.Y.A. 
Thank you,
Yisroel Plaut

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