Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shloshim of Rabbi Dovid Zeitlin z''l

The Zeitlin family recently sponsored a dinner in memory of Rabbi Dovid Zeitlin, zal, a founder of the Breslov Center, at the Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin elementary school hall in Flatbush, which is catered by Yissachar Dov Zeitlin. A large and diverse group attended this moving event. Mordechai Zeitlin kindly provided these video clips of the various hespedim. Most are in Yiddish or a combination of Yiddish and English, but Rabbi Fund's and Shmuel Zeitlin's are in English. Reb Dovid will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Many women also attended by they don't appear in the videos due to separate seating, in keeping with Orthodox tradition. Reb Dovid's 90 year old mother, Mrs. Perel Zeitlin, may she have many more good years of health and nachas, was also present. 

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