Monday, December 14, 2015

Rabbi Nachman's "Animated" Stories


Dear Friends of the Breslov Research Institute (BRI):
BRI and ARenu Productions, an animation studio in Israel, have teamed up to bring you Rabbi Nachman's Stories in an entirely new format: as exciting and entertaining 3D-animated films.
Rebbe Nachman’s tales can be read as simple fables, but they contain deeper allusions to human nature, the relationship between man and God, and the secrets of the world. Through the medium of animation, we will reach out to viewers of all ages and backgrounds, enriching their understanding and appreciation of the Rebbe’s wisdom.
Our first animated film is called “A Tale of Faith,” based onMaaseh MiBitachon. With its intriguing plot and surprising outcome, this story is both entertaining and enlightening, conveying a profound message of faith and trust in God.
In order to fund this project, we have decided to try something new: Kickstarter. This platform allows anyone, anywhere, to participate to the best of their ability. Together, we can truly fulfill the Talmudic dictum, “Whether a lot or a little, as long as the heart is turned to our Father in Heaven."
How can you help? 
First, click on the following link to view our presentation video:

Next, click on the button that says: "Back this Project"
Pick the level of support that you feel comfortable with, knowing that every little bit helps.
Lastly, spread the word! Share this link with your friends and family.
With your support and that of your friends and loved ones, everyone will be able to enjoy and benefit from wholesome entertainment, shining the light of Rebbe Nachman throughout the world.
Thank you and Happy Chanukah!

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