Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Eizer L'Shabbos Shavuous Campaign

Received via e-mail from Eizer L'Shabbos:

We would like to thank all our sponsors and anyone who took an interest and extended themselves for our organization, Eizer L’Shabbos.  We wanted to show our appreciation in particular for all those who have helped us for our Purim and Pesach projects. Your support has enabled us to increase the amount of families we were able to assist. This has also increased the simcha of yom tov in many more homes in Tsfas

Eizer L'Shabbos is presently working full force on our Shavuous campaign. The need is great, especially this year with yom tov starting immerdiately after Shabbos. We have set our goal to assist 300 families and need another $20,000 to help us fill our orders.

Please open your hearts while you prepare your seuda with cheese cake and other dairy delicacies and provide the less fortunate with their basic necessities.

With just $100, you can send a family their Shavuous order and fill another Jew's home with happiness.  Please go online and donate by logging on to and click the DONATE button. Or you can Chase QuickPay to

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