Monday, February 13, 2017

Rabbi Ozer Bergman in NYC - February 16

Please join us for an informal discussion by 
Rabbi Ozer Bergman 
(noted author and lecturer from Jerusalem)
as he shares with us the warmth and wisdom 
of Rebbe Nachman and Breslov chasidus
and grapples the question of what to do 
when prayers seemingly go unanswered.
"Davening for a Shidduch: 
Already a Decade (or Two) Behind Schedule -- Now What?"
309 West 89th Street, Manhattan
(Congregation Ahavas Chesed)
Thursday evening, February 16th 
Light Refreshments
Suggested donation: $10
Rabbi Bergman is the author of the ever popular guide to doing hitbodedut,
"Where Earth and Heaven Kiss", a translator for Breslov Research Institute and teaches privately.
For questions or more information, contact:
Andy Bloom (

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