Monday, November 27, 2017

New From Breslov Research Institute

Here is a book that has gone through numerous permutations – from language to language, from country to county – yet remains a fresh and contemporary guide for everyone who seeks meaning and fulfillment in life.

We’ve called this work A Bit More Advice, because it expands on the gems of practical advice first compiled by Reb Noson in his Hebrew-language work, Likutey Etzot (Advice). That book, in turn, was based on Rebbe Nachman’s lessons in Likutey Moharan. A century later, Reb Shimshon Barski, a direct descendant of Rebbe Nachman, translated selections of Likutey Etzot into Yiddish to make them more accessible to the Jews of his day. He interwove his own commentary into the narrative, adding richness and depth to its message. Today, with the translation of Reb Shimshon’s work into English, the circle widens so that English speakers everywhere can read and appreciate the sage ideas of Rebbe Nachman that found new expression through Reb Noson and Reb Shimshon.

With its engaging, conversational style, A Bit More Advice takes in the scope of Jewish living and offers invaluable perspectives on topics such as Truth and Faith, Eating, Hospitality, Land of Israel, Encouragement, Money and Livelihood, Thoughts and Fantasies, Controversy and Strife, Torah Study, and Prayer. The selections are all short and to the point—perfect for daily study or quick review.

It has never been easier to study the ideas of Rebbe Nachman. A foreign language or old-fashioned print no longer stand in the way of those who wish to read and enjoy the Rebbe’s refreshing insights. Set in a highly readable and graphically pleasing volume, A Bit More Advice is a welcome addition to every English-language Breslov library.

Behind the extensive library of the Breslov Research Institute is a secret. Before the publication of our more than one hundred titles, including pioneering English translations of all of Rebbe Nachman’s works, there was one man and a tape recorder.

That man was Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, zt”l, who brought the teachings of Rebbe Nachman to the English-speaking world in the mid-twentieth century. He went from synagogue to synagogue, school to school, and night class to night class in New York, inspiring young and old, beginners and scholars, Ashkenazim and Sephardim with Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom. Reel-to-reel and cassette tapes recorded for posterity the brilliant insights of a man who himself lived and breathed the tenets of Breslover Chassidut. From these tapes, the Breslov Research Institute was born and flourished, as the printed word conveyed many of Rabbi Rosenfeld’s insights to a broader, worldwide audience.

Rebbe Nachman’s Soul takes the reader back to the days when Rabbi Rosenfeld began a new series of classes on the key Breslov text, Sichos HaRan (Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom). Speaking in upbeat, contemporary language, this master teacher probes the deeper meaning of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, deriving practical advice and encouragement for living with faith, joy, simplicity, and reliance on the true tzaddik. Rabbi Rosenfeld’s vast Torah knowledge, humility and warmth shine through each lesson, and his rock-solid belief in Rebbe Nachman as the true tzaddik give his words the ring of truth.

This first volume of Rebbe Nachman’s Soul presents Rabbi Rosenfeld’s classes on Sichos 1 to 40. Rebbe Nachman’s original lesson is printed before each class, making this an all-in-one volume for study and review. Come “listen in,” and gain inspiration for a lifetime.

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