Monday, June 28, 2010

No Despair

Based on Biur HaLikkutim I, 64:1

When the Unfathomable One
Constricted His Infinite Light
Leaving the Vacated Space
All concealment, all division was born.
But do not despair!
God is good—God is hidden there.

The next instant
He restored the lost light
In a measured way, as a line
Or thread of divine fire
Within which all four worlds
And all worldly phenomena transpire.

In every human being
On every plane
Genesis happens all over again.
Right now, within you.

The mind is a “portion of God Above.”
The cosmic void is the eclipse of mind.
Within the void, how can God be absent?
Within the void, how can God be present?

Grasp the nature of mind, and know the Divine.
Grasp the nature of the Vacated Space
And truly know the Divine.

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