Monday, July 19, 2010

Local Tisha B'Av Schedules

We don't have information for all Breslov minyanim in Greater NY. But for the Borough Park Shtibel on 26th Ave, the zemanei ha-tefillah are:

Ma'ariv Mon. Night: 9:25 PM, followed by "Eichah"
Shacharis: 5:15 AM, followed by "Kinnos"
Netz Ha-chamah: 5:42 AM
Minchah: 7:20 PM
Ma'ariv Motza'ei T"B: 9:10 PM
(Followed by Kiddush Levanah, iy"H)

The Flatbush Breslov Shtibel sent us this information:

Schedule for Tisha B'Av - Monday July 19

Shkia (sunset) - 8:22 PM
Ma'ariv followed by "Eichah" - 9:10 PM

Tuesday - July 20

Shacharis: 8:30 AM, followed by "Kinnos"
Chatzos HaYom: 1:02 PM
Minchah: 8:00 PM
Ma'ariv: 8:50 PM (followed by Kiddush Levanah, iy"H)
Fast ends 9:01 PM (earlier zman)

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