Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In Memory of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

The 14th of Shevat is the yahrtzeit of the modern pioneer of Jewish mystical wisdom and practice, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, of blessed memory. In honor of the yahrtzeit we are posting three video clips about this towering sage and his legacy from a lecture by Rabbi Avraham Sutton, who is one of the foremost contemporary teachers carrying on Rabbi Kaplan's work. Rabbi Sutton edited Rabbi Kaplan's classic introduction to Kabbalah, "Inner Space." And his wife was a student of Rabbi Kaplan, who attended their wedding and recited one of the sheva berakhot.

The Breslov community is particularly indebted to Rabbi Kaplan, whose first translation was "Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom," under the guidance of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld. He also translated and annotated "Rabbi Nachman's Stories," "Outpouring of the Soul" on meditation and personal prayer, and "Until the Mashiach," which is a biography of the Rebbe in the form of a dateline. All are published by the Breslov Research Institute.

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