Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Awakening From Sleep/Modeh Ani

The Rebbe taught: “As soon as one awakens from sleep, as soon as he opens his eyes, he should remind himself of the World to Come.”
(Likkutei Moharan I, 54)


The Rebbe once said: “At the beginning of every day, I surrender my every movement to God, as well as those of my children and all those who depend on me, beseeching that all of my actions be in keeping with God’s will; and this is very good. Thus, I have no worries as to whether or not things go right, because I am completely dependent upon God. If He has something else in mind, that is what I, too, desire, since I have already asked that I only perform His will…”
(Sichos ha-Ran 2; ibid. 238, end)

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