Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Likkutei Tefillos

Breslover Chassidim are accustomed to recite a portion of Reb Noson’s Likkutei Tefillos (based on Rabbi Nachman’s teachings in Likkutei Moharan) every day, whether a little or a lot. Reb Noson once said, “Now that my prayers have come into the world, people will have to give an account for each day they failed to recite them!” He also said that these prayers emanate from the “Fiftieth Gate” (i.e., the transcendental level).
(Kokhvei Ohr, Anshei Moharan, 24, 25 [Jerusalem 1983 ed., p. 77]; also cf. Si’ach Sarfey Kodesh I, 395-397. English translations of Likkutei Tefillos include The Fiftieth Gate, The Flame of the Heart, and Entering the Light, all published by Breslov Research Institute)

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