Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Eizer L'Eizer"

Received from Rabbi Binyamin Rosenberg of Tzefas

We’re getting closer to the Yom HaDin
When our deeds will be examined as worthy or as sin
We all want to be inscribed to a sweet new year
So let’s increase our charity to show we care

A great way to acquire merit is by sponsoring a weekly food package. One that feeds a large poverty-stricken family is only $100. A package for a medium-sized family is $75. One for a small family is $50. Your money goes directly to the needy; no overhead involved. You can sponsor for a month or a year. This will take an unbelievable burden off our shoulders. So please help Eizer L'Shabbos, and in that zekhus may you be inscribed for a healthy, prosperous, and sweet new year!

Please spread the word. Tell your friends and families about the critical situation in Tzfas. People literally don’t have food, and you can have a part in helping them. Do it L’ILUY NISHMAS a niftar; as a zekhus for a Refuah Shleimah for a loved one; in honor of a birthday or anniversary. Just give us the Hebrew name, write it on the memo line of your check, and we will be mention the names by the mekomos kedoshim, the holy burial places of our tzaddikim in Tzfas.

Gemar Chasima Tovah

Rabbi B. Rosenberg

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