Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ricky Nachman Fahrner's New CD

This may not be exactly what you'd expect from a Breslover Chasid and semichah candidate, who has been learning in yeshivah for many years and studied under the likes of Reb Michel Dorfman, zal, yibadel bein chaim l'chaim, and was a chavrusa with Rabbi Shimon Shapira, shlita.

You see, Nachman Fahrner has been playing since his childhood (before he made aliyah 12 years ago): 40s and 50s Swing, Blues, and Rockabilly. He describes these styles as his musical "mamaloshn," which he has applied Rebbe Nachman's teachings, particularly that of hisbodedus: speaking to HaShem in one's own words, in Nachman Fahrner's case, playing music as well.

And as you can hear for yourself, he's great at it!

Here's a link to his website and Facebook page:


For a few samples of his music, please visit:

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