Monday, June 4, 2012

Bnei Avraham Ahuvecha: Gerim in Chassidic Thought

Received via e-mail from Dov ben Avraham, a close friend of the Breslov Center:

I am pleased to announce the release of a book that will enthusiastically be sought after by Jews who were not born Jewish, and those on the path to becoming Jewish. This book - full of teachings from Breslov literature - has received glowing approbations from Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Morgenstern, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Sudilkover Rebbe, Bostoner Rebbe, Hornsteipler Rebbe, and Rabbi Dovid Meisels.

Unlike numerous books already published in English on conversion to Judaism, this book is not a personal narrative, how-to manual, digest of relevant laws, or academic historical overview.  This book presents the story behind the story — the mystical teachings found within Chassidic literature that illuminate the hidden inner world of the ger

Until now, these teachings were scattered in an unorganized manner throughout countless volumes and inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the Hebrew language. With this book, Bnei Avraham Ahuvecha: Gerim in Chassidic Thought, relevant Chassidic teachings are collected, translated from Hebrew into English, organized topically, and further elucidated, when needed. Interspersed with these translated teachings, stories- both old and new - are included to help bring them to life. In addition, this book includes supplementary essays written by Rabbi Chaim Kramer, Rabbi Ozer Bergman, Rabbi Dovid Sears, Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel, and Mrs. Talya Lipshutz (based on conversations with Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig of Tsfat).

Bnei Avraham Ahuvecha: Gerim in Chassidic Thought is now available for purchase online at here and also on here.

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