Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canfei Nesharim: The Spiritual Roots of the Environmental Crisis

Received via e-mail from Canfei Nesharim:

In our times we are beginning to witness the planet's ecological balance weakening due to human influence: rainforests shrinking, deserts expanding, hurricanes intensifying, the planet heating. What is driving the deterioration of the natural world? To be sure, there are physical reasons, yet to answer 'fossil fuels' or 'wood use' or even 'consumerism' would provide only partial answers. In order to truly understand a problem, we need to look under its surface to understand the root causes.

In regard to the great loss of the First and Second Temples, the Jewish sages focus not on the destroying armies but on the spiritual deterioration which made way for the destruction of the physical structure. For many ecological issues, the root issues beyond the physical symptoms lie in the spiritual health of human beings.

Because of their relationship to spiritual roots of destruction, these materials are perfect for learning during the Three Weeks.  Check out all our great Three Weeks materials.

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