Monday, August 6, 2012

Friends of Yosef HaKohen, A"H

Received via e-mail:
Dear Friends of Yosef HaKohen, of blessed memory,

On Monday the 27th of the month of Elul 5771 (the 26th of September 2011) a notice was sent out to inform you of the passing of Yosef HaKohen, A''H.  Since then, many responses came in; however, it was not possible to reply to each and every one of those letters.

In the merit and in memorial to Yosef's beautiful spirit, his website Hazon - Renewing Our Universal Vision  is being refurbished. The site currently lists a selection of the regular letters in which Yosef’s gentle words are contained. The long-term intention is to widen the selection and avail the many friends of Yosef HaKohen  of more of his precious writings sent out over the course of approximately eleven years. The website is positioned as a resource to continue his legacy of spreading Torah and his message of the Universal Jew. In the short term the site itself is being updated to keep pace with current technologies and is now searchable.

It would be an undeniable shame if Yosef’s thoughtful words were to remain simply preserved and yet dissipate from our consciousness. Thus, one of the forms in which his words will be disseminated is a tentative republication of his letters as a ‘parsha sheet’ available in hard copy and digital form. The intention is to publish a selected piece or two each week relevant to the Torah reading or period in the cycle of the Jewish year.

We hope to print and distribute each edition to selected locations in Israel and in America. This effort certainly would benefit with your involvement.

Anyone who would like to subscribe to the re-publication can do so on the website and re-live the experience of receiving his insightful and kind words on a regular basis. The article will also be posted to http://hazonarchives.blogspot.

Through Yosef HaKohen’s writings, a community has been formed, and we are hopeful that through the blog the community will continue to flourish and be united.

Please note,Yosef’s old email address (which this email was sent from) will no longer be in service as of the first of September.  From now onwards the contact email address will be changed to the new address of friendsofyosefhakohen@gmail.
com. It will be used as the means for all future correspondence regarding the website, the published sheets, future projects and any important technical details pertaining to Yosef HaKohen. 

Leading up to Yosef’s first yartzeit (27th of the month of Elul) and Rosh Hashanah, we hope to send out the weekly re-published letters from the new e-mail address.

You will shortly be receiving an additional email from the new address with specifics.

Any comments and feedback regarding the above initiatives will be greatly appreciated. If you received duplicates of this email, please let us know.

With best wishes to all of you,

We all remain, ‘Friends of Yosef A”H’.

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