Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some New Breslov Seforim Available at EverythingBreslov.com

Shailos Uteshuvos Shaarei Tzadik

Author: Rabbi Gedalya Kenig
Description: A long awaited sefer from one of the roshei chaburos (leaders) in Breslov from this past generation, who was the founder of the present day Breslover Tzefas Community. Being an extremely devoted talmid (disciple) of Rav Avraham Sternhartz, who was a grandchild of both Reb Nosson and the Tcheriner Rav,and raised by the latter, Reb Gedalya merited to receive much of the mesorah handed down by this gadol, and possessed an unlimited amount of knowledge which is transmitted in this sefer for the first time.The sefer appears in its' original form, as letters penned to Reb Gedalya's talmidim,answering their many inquiries about a wide range of topics, for example - 1)Who is considered a true leader of Breslov nowadays?  2) What is the correct method of teaching Chasidus to the public?  3) Are Cohanim permitted to enter the tzion of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Miron or the Rebbe's tzion in Uman? These and many more are discussed at length, in this two volume set, for the first time in history. Also contains an excellent index. 
Publishing data: Eretz Yisrael 2112   617pp.   HB  7"x9" with nekudos

Nesivos Haavodah-Hisbodedus
Author: Rabbi Yehoshua Gross  
Description: An amazing manual dedicated to perfecting the art of hisbodedus {meditation). Twenty chapters focusing on the concept of hisbodedus - its' true meaning - and its' many subdivisions - each chapter addressing a different subject. The correct time, place and settings,the recommended methods,and the goals acheived are all discussed at length. Written by the famous author of Likutei Moharan Hamevoar,Tiferes Hanachal and more, this book is one of its' kind! Publishing data: Jerusalem 2012  286pp.  7x9  HB with nekudos

Author: Rabbi Aharon Kluger
Description: A biography of the tzadik and "Ish Kadosh" (holy and righteous person) Rabbi Shmuel Shapiro - an esteemed member of the Breslov Community in Jerusalem of this past generation. Both revered and beloved by all, Reb Shmuel will forever be remembered for the unbelievable level of "kedushah"-(purity and holiness) that he obtained. Being an extremely modest person, Reb Shmuel shied away from any type of honor or recognition during his lifetime. He managed, to some degree, to conceal his lofty madreigos. Many of the Gedolei Yerushalayim, however,recognized his greatness and turned to him for his blessings and prayers. For the first time, this book reveals the greatness of a tzadik emes who dwelled among us, although way above us,and was an inspiration for all.Contains rare photographs,and correspondence. Publishing data: Jerusalem 2012 648pp HB 7x9" without nekudos.

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