Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Amazing Uman Opportunities 2013

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Dear Friends of Rebbe Nachman,

There is so much wonderful news Baruch HaShem to share with you!  We encourage your comments and questions on any of the efforts underway.

Rosh HaShanah is now only 7 weeks away! In an effort to provide a “home away from home” for our English speaking friends, the Breslov Research Institute is pleased to announce a number of great Uman initiatives.

1.       Uman Kollel @ the Ritz (BRI Headquarters)
Breslov Research Institute (BRI) serves as the conduit to Rebbe Nachman’s original works in contemporary form.  Now we will offer a series of (English) lessons with eight skilled and dynamic teachers in Uman at the “Ritz.”  Below is our schedule of teachers and topics, click here to register for freeThere is limited room. We will also offer a Mincha/Maariv and Shachrit Minyan and have all of our publications available for purchase.

Not coming to Uman and want to participate?  You can support the learning too!  We are looking for sponsors for the around the clock kollel refreshments, as well as the Kiddushim and Shalosh Seudot.  By sponsoring the learning, davening and refreshments (click here) you will bring great merit to yourself or a loved one. We will happily announce that the learning/Kiddush/Shalosh Seduot has been sponsored in your merit and have our BRI board members and teachers recite Tikkun Klali on your behalf!  Share in the spirit of Rabbeinu’s Torah and Uman.

2.       BRI Rosh HaShanah and Shabbat Group Meals & Tent
We will be having a large tent set up for all of our friends and hope to share the Shabbat and Rosh HaShanah Seduot with 165 guests. The food will be catered by the generosity of the main Hachnasat Orchim group in Uman but we will be providing a private warm English speaking atmosphere. Please register right as we must confirm our numbers. The subsidized cost is $90 for adults and $45 for children. We will be following the schedule of the Kloyz. We are pleased to be hosted by Reb Chaim Kramer, as well as many other great teachers. Remember to be prepared to explain how a nice Jewish boy like you, ended up in a place like this! Click here to join us.

3.       Rosh HaShanah Minyan
BRI will once again be hosting a small warm and inspirational Rosh HaShanah Minyan. This comfortable Minyan will feature excellent Chazonim, as well as air conditioning. It will begin at 7:30 AM Rosh HaShanah morning and end a little before the main Kloyz Minyan. The cost is $75 a seat; please register now as room is limited to just 65 people. We will also be having Kriyat HaTorah and Kiddush at the same time as the Kloyz, all are invited to join in.

If you haven’t booked a ticket to Uman yet, there is still time. Please email us if you need any help or have questions about how to get there. If you can’t make it this year, we will once again be offering to take your “Kvital” (note) along with us. You will receive an email when the online service has been made available.
We thank you so much for your words and actions of support.  Please also “like” our Facebook page “The Breslov Research Institute” and “Friends of the Breslov Research Institute” on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter “Breslov BRI.”  Your connection to updates is very appreciated.

L’Shanah HaBah B’Yerushalayim H’Benuyah - May we celebrate together in Yerushalayim, Amen!

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