Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jewcology: Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach?

From the Jewcology website:

Eyes Bigger than Your Stomach?

Eyes bigger than your stomach?  Once that food is on your plate, it’s either going in your mouth or in the trash.  Prevent food waste with these tips:
1. Find out what is available first.  
2. Start with small samples, especially if there are choices you've never tried before. 
3. Take less than you think you're going to eat.  You can always go back to get more.  
4. Teach your children to try a small portion first.  Encourage them to finish what they have before taking more food. 
(Credit: Sarah Rebecca Bedder)
By taking this action you will save approximately 11,614 Food Calories during the course of the year.  Learn more about our assumptions in the Year of Action.

Take this action now on your individualized My Savings page. (You must be logged in to Jewcology to access this page.  Not yet a member?  It's free and easy to join!)

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