Monday, August 31, 2020


Otzar Nachmani, sec. 102
Collected Talks of Rabbi Nachman Burstein, zatzal
Translated by Dovid Sears (unedited)

The holy Breslover Chassid Rabbi Yitzchak Breiter, [a key figure in the Breslov movement in Poland who perished in Treblinka,] Hy”d, once said: When [on Rosh Hashanah] we cry out “HaMelekh!” [at the end of Pesukey de-Zimra]—the congregation also declares and takes to heart that which the Rebbe states [in Likutery Moharan I, 4], “When a person knows that all that happens to him is for his good, this perception is a forestaste of the World to Come.”

Thus, the initials of the words “kol me’or’osav haim le-tovaso [‘all that happens to him is for his good’]” spell “HaMelekh [heh-mem-lamed-khof]!”

[That is, this perception is a basic component of our recognizing the absolute sovereignty of the Creator throughout creation, and particularly in the life of every individual—in every respect, and at every moment. (Translator)]

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