Monday, June 15, 2015

Bar Mitzvah for a Special Bachur

Dear Friends of the Breslov Center,

One of the leading Torah scholars and elder teachers of Likutey Moharan lost his wife several years ago to an incurable illness, leaving one young son for him to raise. (B"H, his other children are all grown up and married with families of their own.) With Hashem's mercy, family members and friends rose to the challenge along with the father, and this boy has grown into a young ben Torah with the inner strength that comes from overcoming suffering and emotional and spiritual difficulties. Recently, he celebrated his bar mitzvah in Meron, with a joyous se'udas mitzvah.  

When we spoke over the phone with the father (who has serious health issues of his own) and heard this good news, we immediately asked if we should send a sefer as a bar mitzvah gift. The father readily agreed. When we asked which seforim his son could use, however, the father said, "Anything you want. He has nothing!" 

Therefore, we invite anyone who would like to send this bar mitzvah bachur a sefer to please contact us at meoreiohr [at]

This does not need to be an expensive proposition. But a little chesed can go a long way, especially when it comes to a yasom (orphan). We will provide you with the name and address, and also try to keep track of the seforim given so that people won't send the same gifts.

Mazal tov, and tizku lemitzvos!

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