Monday, February 11, 2019

Uman Airfare Important Information

Dear Uman Traveler,

B”H, the fact that we have obstacles already speaks to the truth of the Breslov teaching—when going to do something holy, especially visiting the kevarim of the holy Tzaddikim—we will experience obstacles (miniot.)

When I checked airfares two weeks ago, round trip tickets on Ukraine International Air JFK to Kiev were $571, the lowest price I had ever seen on UIA. I wrote that the earlier you book the better—the price WILL go up. On Erev Shabbat we learned that the price did go up drastically, then went down to $551 and then it went back up again yesterday.

Our recommended travel agent, Yisroel Elek of Plan It Rite Travel ( explained that the prices will fluctuate and will most likely come down again. He is working with us to closely monitor the situation and develop a plan of action. Based on his expert advice, we are going to closely watch the airfares and hope they come down by the end of February.

If not, we may end up suggesting you take another airline, such as KLM, which also has very reasonable rates to Ukraine (in the 700 to 800 range a few months out.) While some people prefer KLM, it does entail a stopover usually in Amsterdam.

Please be ready to book your flight as soon as you hear from us—even if you haven’t already booked your ground package with us. Some of your fellow travelers on this trip are making the journey for the second and even third time—and they like me know that the inconveniences of traveling to a country off the beaten path in order to complete a spiritual mission is well worthwhile.

Questions? Call 917-348-1573 now. (If you can’t get through, try texting and I’ll get right back to you as soon as I’m able.) Join this special Power of Prayer Uman tour—and change your life! I’m looking forward to traveling with you.

With joy (and a measure of forbearance),

Chaya Rivka

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