Monday, August 30, 2010

Finish the Work Started Over 200 Years Ago!

After many years of hard work and tremendous help from the One Above, we are nearing completion of the multi-volume Likutey Moharan in English project. This is a milestone in Breslov history. The series features full Hebrew-English text on facing pages, a running commentary based on traditional Breslov sources and profound, highly accessible notes drawing from the Written Torah, Gemara, Zohar, Midrash and kabbalistic works.

As you may know, Breslov Research Institute recently published Volume 13 of this series. There are only two more volumes that remain to be done. The zekhus (merit) of joining us is in completing this mitzvah is open to everyone and anyone who believes in bringing this unprecedented project to fruition.

Our Sages observe, "Im ein kemach, ein Torah . . . Without money, there is no Torah" (Pirkey Avot 3:17). Breslover Chassidim point out that the Hebrew word kemach (literally, flour) has the same gematria (numerical value) as the name “Nachman.” This means is that if we give some of our "flour" for Rebbe Nachman’s holy books, we’ll surely succeed in connecting to Torah—and in helping others to do so, as well, for Rebbe Nachman’s works are keys to each area and level of Torah.

The Breslov Research Institute is in earnest need of your partnership. Our Sages teach that one who helps complete a mitzvah is accredited the entire mitzvah. Your contribution, great or small, gives you a genuine claim to this rare mitzvah.

For a generous contribution of $180 you can sponsor a page of Likutey Moharan with an opportunity to dedicate that page in honor or in memory of the person of your choice. Upon completion of the project, you will receive a complimentary copy sent directly to your home.

So please join us for the final leg of this project and be sure to share this opportunity with your friends.

To contribute online, please visit

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