Monday, August 30, 2010

Uman Delxue

If you're going to Uman this year and would like to find deluxe accommodations with all the resources you'll need to make the best of your trip, you might want to contact Rabbi Lazer Brody via his "Uman Experience" website. It is a bit late in the game to make such arrangements, but worth a try:

Another option would be to contact Rabbi Leibel Berger who can provide you with room, board and synagogue seats, including some less expensive options. This is the only contact information we have for him, and it may be out of date: But his apartment in Uman is at 5 Pushkin St. (about ten minutes walk from the Tziyun, a little past the outdoor market known as the "shuk").

Best wishes for a ksivah v'chasimah tovah from the Breslov Center.

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