Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our friend R. David Friedman writes:

In the Tochachah it says that the reason we may bring harsh judgments upon ourselves is for our failure to serve Hashem with simchah me-rov kol, i.e., with joy for the abundant blessings we have received. As is known, Reb Nachman states, "It is a great mitzvah to be joyous at all times" (Likkutei Mohoran II, 24). For all those who have a problem with this remark, none other than Rabbeinu Bachaye comments on the verse we have cited from the Tochachah that the simchah one has while performing mitzvos is a separate mitzvah unto itself. And since there are six constant mitzvos, one always needs to be joyous in fulfilling them.

Reb Nachman is actually alluded to here, as well: "me-rov kol," with one added for each of the two words (294), equals "Nachman (148) ben (52) Feige (94)."

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