Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jewcology: How You Get There Matters!

From Jewcology.com:

How You Get There Matters!

Carpooling and taking public transportation reduces the need for more cars on the road. By catching a ride on the bus, or sharing a ride to work or school, you can really reduce your carbon footprint! 
  • Option A: Carpool to school or work with one other person.
  • Option B: Take the bus or other public transportation to work or school.

Online tool: Learn more about carpooling and taking public transportation!  Designed for students, this handy EPA website provides good information and tips for everyone.

By taking this action you can save approximately 315 kWh (carpool) or 632 kWh (public transport) in a year.  Learn more about our assumptions in the Year of Action.

Take this action now on your individualized My Savings page. (You must be logged in to Jewcology to access this page.  Not yet a member?  It's free and easy to join!)

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