Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This Wednesday Night Only - Rabbi Ephraim Kenig, shlit"a

We are honored to announce a special class this Wednesday night, January 14th , to be given by Rabbi Ephraim Kenig, shlit"a, of the Breslev community of Tsfat.

"The Meaning of Golus (Exile) and Yetziyas Mitzrayim (Leaving Egypt) Today"

8:00 PM followed by a brief Q & A session

Men and women are invited (separate seating).

The shiur will begin on time, iy"H. 

Rabbi Kenig will speak in Hebrew, and Rabbi Yaacov Klein will translate to English. 

Maariv at 9:00

Rabbi Kenig will speak with people privately before the class and after Maariv (see below).

Congregation Sheves Achim / The Flatbush Minyan
1517 Ave. H (off East 16th St, across from Q Train)
Brooklyn, NY

Those who wish to speak privately with the Rabbi may do so at the shul between7:00-8:00, or following Maariv (after 9:15). 

To make an appointment, please call Rabbi Yaakov Klein: 917-856-5664

We thank the Mara d'Asra of Sheves Achim, Rav Meir Fund, shlit"a, for kindly hosting this guest lecture, and the Breslov Center of NY, for arranging and promoting it. 

RAV EPHRAIM KENIG was born in Jerusalem in 1950 and learned at the renowned Etz Chaim Yeshiva. He is the son of Rabbi Gedaliah Aharon Kenig, zt”l, one of the foremost leaders of the Breslev Chassidim of the previous generation and founder of Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma Institutions in Tsfat. 

Rav Ephraim is well known as the Baal Musaf for the first day of Rosh HaShanah in Uman, where his tefilos pierce the heavens. He is also the brother of Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, shlita, spiritual leader of the Breslev Tsfat community. He is the Rosh Yeshiva and CEO of all Nachal Novea educational institutions and learning programs. Many of those who have witnessed the power of his leading of prayer services attest to having undergone a transformative experience in deveikus and tefilah.

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