Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rav Kenig Visits Monsey Breslov Yeshiva

Rav Elazar Kenig, Manhig of the Breslov community of Tsfat, shlit”a, recently visited the Breslov Mesivta Ha-Bachurim in Monsey. The Rav gave words of encouragement and awakening from the holy teachings of Rebbe Nachman, and expressed his enthusiam for the holiness and diligence in Torah study he saw in the yeshiva, which maintains strong bonds with the Breslov Gedolim in Eretz Yisrael (Rav Yaakov Meir Schechter, shlit”a, in particular). 

Rav Kenig stressed that the study of Gemara with Rashi and Tosefos is central to the spiritual path laid out by the Rebbe, and that it is a Kiddush Hashem to devote ourselves to “davening and learning and davening.” This is the main way to receive the light that the Rebbe wishes to transmit to us through his wondrous teachings. 

He also had high words of praise for the dedication and accomplishments of the yeshiva’s hanholah: the Geonim Rabbi Yosef Dovid Meilish, Rabbi Chaim Ber Sherrer, Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Miller, and Rabbi Yoel Shpitz, and gave his warm blessings to the yeshiva and everyone associated with it. 

Rav Kenig will spend this coming Shabbos in Montreal, returning to Monsey next week. It is not yet clear how long he will be staying here before returning to Eretz Yisrael.

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